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One of the greatest dangers of allowing officials to refuse to enforce the law...
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Posted by: LateForLunch

07/21/2020, 14:50:27

Author Profile Mail author Edit that by refusing to fulfill their legal responsibility to "promote the general welfare," of their constituents, they create an atmosphere which forces people to revert to vigilantism.

One long-standing strategic goal of hoplophobes and their agents is to convince the general public that allowing citizens to possess firearms is "too dangerous".

One way to do that is to force people to take the law into their own hands by using government power to remove police protection by civil law enforcement agencies.

Not only does this encourage (in fact, force) people to enforce to protect themselves, their property and communities, it create high risk that problems will arise (because trained, armed professionals are not allowed to intervene in violent, criminal behavior). They hope that such problems will create a general mistrust of and hostility toward private gun ownership (and use that public sentiment to elect candidates or enact gun restrictions).

A government official who refuses to protect people from criminals is essentially then free to select which persons may be attacked with violence and which will not. It is obvious that an official who refuses to allow law enforcement agencies to protect their enemies against violence, essentially has the power to use that violence as if they themselves had caused it willfully i.e., non-enforcement becomes the same thing as a wanton attack with collusion of officials.

Stalin did this all the time. He would allow mobs of his supporters to attack/murder members of groups which opposed his regime's actions - but use government police to protect demonstrations or events by his supporters.

The fact that the mobs which injured/killed his opponents were not enlisted directly by the government made them no-less responsible for the violence of the mobs.

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