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Machiavelli wrote about this type of thing in The Prince...
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Posted by: LateForLunch

07/21/2020, 14:09:43

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Machiavelli was not the villain portrayed by some - his chronicles of the Borgia Dynasty (The Prince) were largely satire. He was not a fan of tyranny or amorality (quite opposite, since his larger Discourses on Livy was an in-depth erudition on the exquisitely-rational morality of Greco-Roman republicanism).

In general, Machiavelli believed that without firm, wide respect for and willing adherence to the Rule of Law, a culture can't sustain a civil society (or just, moral governance). Brutality becomes the order of the day.

Machiavelli clearly believed that political factions which as a matter of policy wantonly, casually injure/destroy innocent people, institutions, cities and most-importantly flout/discard the Rule of Law (small-r republicanism) collapse (not just devolve) into governments like the Borgia Dynasty.

Savage, amoral brutality then becomes the order of the day for government and the basis of the general culture. Tyrannical, raging, uncontrolled, reckless mobs/assassins then replace impartial courts as enforcers of order/administrators of dominion.

Savagery replaces the civil society. Instead of morality/justice you get things like the Borgias, Hitler/the Nazis, Communist tyrannies, the Red Brigades, the Iranian theocratic tyranny - the common factor in all was the abandonment of free-representative (small-d democratic), just rule. Savage mobs and their bosses set conditions at all levels of society.

In all of the cases above, violent, lawlessness overcame civility/Natural Law. If the destruction wrought by the violent mobs/riots/revolutionaries eradicated some agents of wickedness, they swiftly replaced that with far-worse evil.

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