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Yes, and don't forget Toilette!!
Re: Or better yet, "Shanaynay" -- the stereotype created by Martin Lawrence. (Yes... yes... MUCH more insulting....) -- TEEBONE Post Reply Top of thread Forum

Posted by: LateForLunch ®

07/21/2020, 02:44:55

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I knew a black fellow (coworker) who had a sister with a made-up  name of Doilette. I would imagine that it would be good for her to avoid going anywhere French is spoken since  "toilette" is the French word for toilet! See, the letter "D" and the letter T" sound almost the same, so saying,  "Hello my name is Doilette, "would sound like,  "Hello, my name is toilet!" to a Frenchman.

Her idiotic parents no doubt thought Doilette sounded real "classy." In fact, there is an authentic female name, "Dollette", but no "Doilette" with an "i".

So, Head Hunter it is. heh Unattractive, devoid  of  intelligence and    as  bitter  as  can be. That's roughly 50% of black females in US.  

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