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Perfect example of H-Wood's incipient anti-white racism from T.V. show "Friends".
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Posted by: LateForLunch

07/20/2020, 12:49:18

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Channel surfing there is an episode of Friends where Rachel (Jennifer Aniston) injures herself, tries to get her friend Monica to let her falsify her own insurance so Rachel won't have to pay the bill. Monica refuses, takes the form back to hospital desk, asks black clerk for another form. Clerk asks why (strange in itself),Monica lies, says, "I'm stupid...I was filling out the form for my friend but put my name instead of hers..."

The black clerk replies,"Hmm. You ARE stupid..."

Now, just imagine a black character being told by a white character, "You ARE stupid!" in ANY situation. You aren't going to find it.

Having white characters mocked, insulted, denigrated, maligned, smeared openly, while NEVER doing the same to black characters is SOP for H-Wood.

The latest incarnation of this horrible sickness is the popularization of the anti-white racist term "Karen" for Caucasian females. Imagine any other race having their females assigned a "hate-name" which applies only to those of their race. INTOLERABLE. But not when the female is Caucasian,then it's OPEN SEASON!!!

So what now? Non-blacks are now going to start referring to angry black females as "Head Hunters" ? Oh wait, unattractive black females are called that BLACK MALES.

I'm guessing the main driving force behind black women insulting white females as "Karens" is almost entirely envy. White females are as a rule considered more attractive than black females by males of all races. That must rankle black females, who are often notoriously thin-skinned.

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