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"Bury a Gun?" -- The first problem is where?
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Posted by: Russ Walden

07/18/2020, 15:36:20

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If you're burying a gun, you are not hiding it from burglars -- you are hiding it from the police. They will arrive already knowing that you have weapons, and probably even have a list. Their search will be thorough.

So where? If you live in an apartment, give your heart to God, because the police already own your ass. If you live on a typical 1/4 acre lot (or even 1/2 acre), and they believe you are hiding a gun, they will find it. They can't stop looters in Portland, but they can, sure as Hell, find your hidden weapons, 'cuz you're a criminal.

Good luck.


p.s.: My odds are a little better.

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