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07/16/2020, 20:15:19

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Obama's third term starts in January -- tragically

WND Guest Columnist
11-14 minutes

By Rohini DeSilva

Dr. Scott Lively's brilliant column, "The Bush Clan opens a 'second front' against Trump," shows the Deep State is comprised not only of the Democrats but a vast number of the Never-Trump Republicans:

"Looking back I am now convinced that Bush 41 intentionally lost to Bill Clinton in '92 to fast-track the Marxist agenda, on the understanding that the Bush Clan would get back the baton in 2000. I believe that Bob Dole, John McCain and Mitt Romney were all Bush Team members tasked with taking a dive in their respective races, and that was the role Jeb Bush was intended to play for Hillary, before Trump upset their apple cart."

"Looking forward I think the Bush Team will incrementally bring ALL of its assets to bear against Donald Trump, and many people will be shocked at how deep the Deep State goes in the ranks of the GOP – especially among 'conservatives.' Jeff Sessions is not an anomaly."

But Dr. Lively hasn't looked forward far enough. He should examine the Democrats' plan for the election of 2020. Democrats have never had any democracy within their party. Their cadre of party insiders are linked together by various nefarious criminal enterprises, usually consisting of looting taxpayer funds given as "aid" to corrupt countries; by a mutually assured destruction if anyone talks out of turn; and by outright blackmail. Party bosses always decide who will be their nominee and enforce it with their 600 super delegates of insiders who vote as a bloc and have multiple votes each. This explains how Hillary was able to win six coin tosses and beat Bernie in 2016.

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This time around, the fix was in for Joe Biden. There were 16 token "opponents" – Buttigieg, Beto, Klobuchar – to make it seem like Biden had opposition. They dutifully died off. Then there was Bernie, bribed again (with another lakeside house?) to lose to Biden. Ordinary gullible Democrats are supposed to believe Biden won after a good, honest, hard-fought contest because the people truly loved the "moderate" Joe! Their pollsters allege Biden is so popular, he beats Trump by double digits! Their media sing his praises and overlook his obvious mental incapacity.

But why are Democrats putting forward a man who is so obviously in the mid-to-late stage of dementia? Because he is too far gone mentally to put up any fight or challenge his master. He is the perfect ventriloquist's dummy – whoever controls him gets to say and do exactly what he wants, without having to take any responsibility or even having to reveal himself. Biden's loyalty is unquestioned. And he has too many skeletons – in Ukraine and China, and multiple Bidens looting in South America and Iraq – to be disloyal. He is a vital part of the team being assembled.

Next comes the VP. After lots of false starts – Kamala Harris, Stacey Abrams – we will end up with Susan Rice, another one whose loyalty is unquestionable. She too has lots of skeletons to hide. She has already proved her loyalty by lying on six Sunday shows about Benghazi.

Other parts of the team have already been elected. Foul-mouthed Muslim Brotherhood Islamist Rashida Tlaib; Muslim Brotherhood Ilhan Omar who wants to turn America into Mogadishu; communist AOC who wants to spend $64 trillion on the Green New Deal; assorted Democratic mayors and governors who are using coronavirus lockdowns to establish dictatorial rights over the people and train them that their constitutional rights can be trumped by diktats from their rulers.

Now the other parts of the team are getting active. Valerie Jarrett is holding fundraisers. Anita Dunn is shamelessly praising Communist China. Samantha Powers is exposed as having made 350 unmasking requests. Hillary is beginning to screech about Trump's so-called criminal activities, repeat the calumny about Trump-Russia collusion and even suggest Trump will not leave the White House if he loses.

Meantime, the Democrats are doing all they can to ensure an election fiasco. Gov. Gavin Newsom is mailing out millions of ballots to California voters, both dead and alive. Patterson, New Jersey, Republican voters were sent mail-in ballots that only provided Democratic choices.

In 2018, Broward County Election Supervisor Brenda Snipes mixed up the provisionals with the regular ballots and "counted" the votes in secret for weeks, not allowing in any Republicans. Boxes of provisional ballots from Miami's Broward County were discovered miles away in an Orlando Airport rental car rented by a Democrat operative.

In California, a new law enabled "Ballot Harvesting," permitting anyone, including SEIU thugs, to go into the homes of voters, many illiterate and dependent on the SEIU for their jobs, and "help" them complete their ballot, take it from them and hand it in. Republicans had won seven congressional seats in Orange County, but lost all of them them after the "harvested" ballots were turned in. You can be certain that poll workers, usually government-union Democrats, will use COVID as an excuse not to show up in Republican precincts.

On July 9, a postal worker in West Virginia pleaded guilty to tampering with absentee ballot requests – the Postal Union just endorsed Biden. Computer "glitches" are quite likely in Republican-leaning precincts. Democratic states have been ordered by courts to clean up their voter rolls, but have still not done so.

Meanwhile, the U.S. Department of Justice and FBI are not functioning as they should. U.S. Attorney John Durham has plenty of evidence, uncovered by Inspector General Michael Horowitz and Judicial Watch, but instead of bringing charges, he has gone into hiding, probably terrified of what will be done to him if he indicts the actual criminals. All the criminals in the DOJ and FBI – Brennan, Clapper, Comey, Peter Strzok, Lisa Page, Robert Mueller, Andrew Wesimann – are not only not being prosecuted; they are making big bucks as CNN correspondents and writing books (another way they receive bribes!)

The judicial system is in turmoil. There is plenty of proof the FISA court was lied to. But no action has been taken against those who lied to the court. Judge Emmet Sullivan is fearlessly, shamelessly and unconstitutionally acting as judge, jury and prosecutor in the Flynn case. Judge Amy Berman Jackson is making unconstitutional rulings, even allowing an openly biased forewoman take charge of the jury in the Roger Stone case. And Chief Justice John Roberts is ruling fearlessly and unconstitutionally, forcing Trump to follow Obama's unconstitutional policies. Why are all these people suddenly fearless about exposing their communist Marxism, totally uncoupled from our U.S. Constitution and its laws?

Well, the path has been prepared. They have released coronavirus and increased the death numbers by putting infected people into nursing homes and counting people who died of other causes as COVID deaths. The media are playing up the COVID infection numbers, insinuating all positive cases are going to die any minute now. In Florida alone, it was just revealed that testing sites had grossly exaggerated the numbers, giving their test results as 96.5% positive, whereas the actual rates were 9.5%. The public now lives in a state of utter fear.

These Marxists are allowing Antifa and Black Lives Matter to destroy our cities, looting, trashing and burning, and pulling down our statues and memorials. They have vilified the police and started defunding them. They allow their Antifa and BLM thugs to throw bottles and bricks at our police, spit on then and vilify then. In NYC alone, a billion dollars have been removed from the police budget, and the entire 600-person crime-stopping force of undercover investigators has been dismantled. Police are retiring in droves.

In St Louis, the McCloskeys pulled out their guns to defend themselves from a violent mob because the police didn't show. Now, the Soros-funded district attorney has confiscated their guns and is planning to indict the victims. The crime rates in Democratic controlled cities like Chicago, NYC, Portland and Seattle are skyrocketing, creating more chaos. Yet Democrats and their media do nothing to reign in Antifa/BLM – perhaps because nearly a billion dollars extorted by BLM goes through ActBlue Charities, the donor platform that directs money to the Democratic Party.

Democratic governors have locked down our people, not once, but twice. They are pushing our middle class into bankruptcy and keeping the schools shut to ensure parents can't go back to work. They are pushing our churches into bankruptcy by preventing them from holding any services and receiving any collections; this results in the permanent closure of a great many Catholic schools. The thugs have now started burning and looting our churches too, nine over the last weekend. In Troy, New York, BLM thugs blocked the entrance, chanted and disturbed the services, marched through the church hurling expletives at the parishioners and beat up parishioners as they entered the church. The public school districts are holding the children as ransom, refusing to reopen unless their outrageous leftist demands are met. The public is exhausted from all the chaos, the uncertainty and the violence.

The Democrats are destroying Trump's economy. They have stopped Trump from having any rallies by screeching "COVID!" The Democratic mayor of Houston has canceled the Texas GOP convention. The mayor of Jacksonville is doing his best to cancel or put a damper on the Republican National Convention.

The timing is perfect for their leader, Barack Obama, to emerge. He has been hiding, yet leading the Democrats in all the chaos. Obama is already fundraising, purportedly for Biden. They all know he will be the power behind Biden, and nobody dares to refuse Obama's demands. His army of Antifa and BLM malcontents (successors to ACORN and SEIU thugs) is already activated, practiced and ready.

Obama's third term will be totally unconstitutional, but nobody can challenge it. Democrats have already rendered the Constitution irrelevant, mocking and sneering that it was written by "dead white men who owned slaves" and adding their latest insult, "followed only by white supremacists." If we object, then we are "white supremacists." We will also be called "racists" who are jealous of Obama's wonderful popularity with everyone on Earth. If that won't do, then the Antifa/BLM criminals will loot and burn all over again. And this time, the police will be defunded, defanged, demoralized and totally unable to stop them. So we will surrender.

And the Communist Chinese, the Iranian mullahs and the Muslim Brotherhood Islamic terrorists will all descend on America like vultures to devour what is left of our country.

Rohini DeSilva is an attorney who graduated with honors from Columbia University School of Law. She has been admitted to the Bar in both New York and California. She also has a BFA in Interior Design from New York and a Fellowship in Music from London. Having grown up in Sri Lanka, DeSilva witnessed firsthand how Socialism destroys a country. She wrote "9/11, Stealth Jihad & Obama" to warn Americans of the Socialism, bordering on Marxism, that Obama was bringing to this country. The Epilogue of her book, written eight years ago, predicts almost exactly what is being done to this country today, except that instead of bombs, the leftists are using COVID-19. Recently, she escaped from Los Angeles, which was trending Communist, and now lives in Florida.


Democrats wouldn't buy a clue if it was government subsidized.

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