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Alyssa Milano Makes Demands
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Posted by: Alice1

07/16/2020, 14:14:55

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I realize that she lives in LA, where they have legalized pot, but I'm thinking she's smoking something stronger than that. Based on what I'm seeing every day at work, COVID has been over hyped for a couple of different reasons.
A) To keep people afraid and under control (how's that working btw?)
B) To put more money in the pockets of those in the pharmaceutical and tech industries. (Facilities are charging anywhere from $70-500 for COVID testing, and you can't tell me they're anywhere near accurate!)

President Trump has taken a stand against hospitals doing this. It is now law (taking effect early next year) that facilities HAVE to publicly post their chargemasters showing how much they're charging to perform any and all procedures. Furthermore, he's the one that approved Medicare only reimbursing $67 for the most expensive tests, and $35 for the cheaper varieties.

So what happens if the facility doesn't publicly post their chargemaster? A $300/day penalty.

Why is all this important? When the ACA was initiated, hospitals started charging OUTRAGEOUS amounts for procedures. President Trump knows egregious charges are a problem, and he's working on fixing it! The Democratic Party won't bother.

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