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"Except for the names, and a few other changes, my story's the same one." Neil Diamond
Re: VDH -- "[I]f your Gulfstream is locked down at the airport, your driver socially distanced at home, your elevator on the blink, and your food courier a day late, then you are poorer than a peasant in Nowhere, Okla." -- TEEBONE Post Reply Top of thread Forum

Posted by: Russ Walden

06/29/2020, 15:51:11

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Well, let's see:
* My Gulfstream isn't locked down, 'cuz I don't have one. I have a 1986 El Camino. Does that count?
* My driver isn't "socially distanced," 'cuz I don't have one of them, neither. My driving is a DIY thang.
* My elevator couldn't be on the blink, 'cuz I don't have one. I do have a flight of stairs. but they're not motorized.
* I'm ok on the "food courier" thang, though. My Granddaughter goes all the way to the pantry, gathers supplies and delivers them to the kitchen where they will magically become food. (And we are well covered in the "food supplies" department.)
* I was born pretty close to "Nowhere, Oklahoma" because where I was born didn't have a name -- just Oklahoma. Actually, my birth certificate reads "Near Braggs." That's about as close to nowhere as you can get.

I'm a country boy, and like the Country Mouse -- I'm doin' fine.

Take care,
Okie Russ

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