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Steering the ship of state is like trying to steer a hurricane.
Re: THIS! This is what I was talking about in wondering WTF is Trump on the rioting. -- robertb Post Reply Top of thread Forum

Posted by: LateForLunch

06/27/2020, 08:42:21

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There is only so much a president can do legally. The AG is investigating those who contributed to the rioting by funding it. Some of them are foreigners including George Sauron (sic).

The goal for a president is to walk the razors edge with civil disturbance. Too much force or too little prolongs and aggravates things.

Just as law enforcement's central job during civil disturbances shifts from law enforcement to containment and suppression of destruction, so with the executive branch.

In cases like this, the general public's perception of what is smart or possible for a president do not always match.

With luck, the public will figure out why things had to be as they are - and forgive the president for not marching out like Alexander the Great to conquer and vanquish the barbarians.

Sadly in our age, genuine strength is more-often demonstrated by refraining from drastic, violent action, than taking it. That is true at the personal level and at the level of governance.

There are some indications that polling will catch up with the facts in time. The polls are tracing much the same trajectory as they did in 2016, when the 'Crats used false polling results to encourage themselves (fool themselves, as it turned out) to continue.

It's looking like 2020 will be about the same. We will go into the election with the polls telling us that it's a sure thing for the 'Crat candidate.

I'm guessing DJT will win, but narrowly.

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