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Not s'good. Political chicanery on the part of NRA:
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Posted by: TEEBONE ®

06/23/2020, 15:16:01

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Ignore NRA in Massie/McMurty Race

2-3 minutes

After more than a month-long delay due to the coronavirus pandemic, Kentuckians finally head to the polls on Tuesday, June 23, to cast their ballots.  [More]

Here's the most important bit of information Kentucky gun owners need to realize: NRA is torpedoing Thomas Massie and giving an unearned "A" to a guy who not only agrees with Hillary about Donald Trump, but is endorsed by a group where a Board member very publicly used his position to call for more citizen disarmament edicts.

Massie explains the punishment grade:

Yep, so much to unpack here. NRA supported Fix NICS (Gun control). When FIX NICS was inserted into the reciprocity bill I blew the whistle by making videos, etc. I began a campaign to separate the two bills. At the suggestion of another member, we called the NRA lobbyist and told them our plan, and got their blessing that they didn’t care if we were able to separate the two bills. They said “we do policy, not process.” I began picking up steam and it looked as though my effort to separate the two bills was going to be successful. That’s when Republican leadership asked NRA to score the procedural vote and they did! So they completely lied even when I tried to work with them. I have witnesses. (see if they dinged Louie Gohmert, Steve King, or Paul Gosar as well). Long story short, they scared enough reps and Fix NICS stayed in the bill. I voted against the bill and issued another warning that the reciprocity wouldn’t pass, but later in the year they would pass Fix NICS, now that almost everyone had their hands dirty, having voted for it as part of reciprocity. Sure enough, they added Fix NICS to the next omnibus. FIX NICS encourages the Veterans Administration to turn over to the NICS database the names of veterans who for instance don’t manage their own finances - a prior law allows them to adjudicate (without a judge or jury!!) those veterans as prohibited from owning a firearm or ammunition.

I remember when Ron Paul was torpedoed, and Sharron Angle...

I remember plenty of "A"-grades that have come back to bite everyone who trusted PVF

And Trump still owes Massie a yuge apology.


Democrats wouldn't buy a clue if it was government subsidized.

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