WTF is Trump doing?
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Posted by: robertb

06/23/2020, 02:29:13

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I get that Trump is better than Biden
I get that a lot of America, and all of the swamp are against him, including Bolton
I get that he has chopped a lot of regulations out.
I get that he has put forward a lot of good judges.

What I don't get is why he has not done anything about the chaos that is going on.
Yes, a lot of it is state level things the fed has no authority over, but a lot is not. Why are not those that have done things to federal items not been publicly arrested and charged?
Why have we seen very little other than tweets from him?
Where the hell is he? What is he doing to address the chaos and the apparent victories of the mob?
We have seen numerous evidence of average citizens who question the mob rule being persecuted, and fired from their jobs. How is he stopping this injustice?

What effective thing has he done this month? I can't think of anything meaninful.

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