Flouting the Rule of Law is the "new normal" for 'Crats. They are ALL anti-conservative-fanatics now.
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06/23/2020, 00:34:02

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Truly the term, "moderate," when applied to Democrat leaders/voters now means, "only moderately insane, not utterly, absolutely, batshit cray-cray"!!†

Yet, even THOSE only slightly-less-dangerous, marginally-less irrational Democrat party members are still horribly, lethally dangerous - because they are allergic to order, reason, logic, genuine Truth and despise/fear Wisdom. They actively seek the destruction of people who promote any of the above, with an abiding soul-deep, homicidal hatred.†

You know, like demons from Hell.†

Here is the reality that will emerge in November - you are either part of the solution or you're part of the problem or else you're just part of the scenery.†

Largely and increasingly fewer and fewer 'Crats can claim to be in the latter category and instead have moved to being part of the problem with extreme, Marxist, radical, revolutionary socialism (cop-hating, Christian-hating, Caucasian-hating, Jew-hating, capitalism-hating, Constitution-hating, freedom hating, Statist VERMIN).

I'm glad Captain Scurvy didn't have to see this. He would be ready for the balloon to go up - literally sitting waiting to go hunt two-legged rats. Prolly woulda' been in the news already. heh†

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