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"He ran because he was afraid he'd get caught with an illegal weapon/clip, not in uniform, not licensed, brandishing a firearm in public, evading LEOs trying to detain him legally, failing to comply with lawful commands.....
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Posted by: LateForLunch

06/19/2020, 22:05:59

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...not primarily afraid of much of anything except getting caught doing something he KNEW DAMN WELL WAS A FELONY. He bet his life he could escape from the pursuit by professional law enforcement - he bet wrong.

Sort of makes the argument for the legal requirement that private security officers be in legally-compliant uniforms and ALWAYS OBEY THE INSTRUCTIONS of authorized public law enforcement officers. ALWAYS.

His fear was of facing the consequences of his own abysmal, unfathomable, apocalyptic stupidity. And in that unwise excursion, he invoked his own death. It was not just one mistake that killed him, but a series of ever-escalating, moronic ones.

He buried that land mine and stepped on it all by hissef. The officers almost certainly did their jobs. He propelled himself into a high-risk group for being shot to death, by his own free, concentrated, diligent, focused will.

To say that this individual (forgive me) lacked much capacity for the most elementary situational awareness, may be an understatement.

I'm guessing sub-normal I.Q. is a factor here.

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