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Sidney Powell empties both barrels at Sullivan and Gleeson at Flynn's appellate hearing:
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06/17/2020, 22:13:59

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Flynn defense excoriates retired judge for 'sheer duplicity' - WND

WND Staff
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A 'raging insult to the citizens of this country' against former Trump NSA

WND Staff By WND Staff
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Former National Security Adviser and retired U.S. Army Lt. Gen. Michael T. Flynn

In court arguments Wednesday, the defense team for Michael Flynn blasted the retired judge summoned to take over prosecution after the Justice Department motioned to drop charges against President Trump's onetime national security adviser.

"The irony and sheer duplicity of amicus’s accusations against the Justice Department now — which is finally exposing the truth — is stunning," Flynn defense counsel Sidney Powell said of retired New York federal Judge John Gleeson.

Gleeson was appointed by Judge Emmet Sullivan, a President Bill Clinton appointee overseeing the Flynn case.

"Amicus's filing is a 'wrap-up smear.' It is an affront to the Rule of Law and a raging insult to the citizens of this country who see the abject corruption in this assassination by political prosecution of General Flynn," Powell said, according to the Washington Examiner.

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"This court exuviated any appearance of neutrality when it unlawfully appointed amicus as its own adversary to make these scurrilous arguments."

Flynn pleaded guilty to lying to an FBI agent during the investigation of special counsel Robert Mueller. However, after the unsealing of evidence confirming Flynn's claim of a "perjury trap," the Justice Department moved to drop charges.

However, Sullivan refused to sign off on the motion and appointed Gleeson to argue against the DOJ's motion in appellate court.

Flynn's defense team argued Sullivan's court "exceeded its authority under the Constitution" in the appointment of Gleeson, and Gleeson "engaged in a flagrant personal and partisan assault on General Flynn, Attorney General Barr, and the President of the United States."

The evidence shows Flynn was "singled out for a baseless, politically motivated investigation and prosecution," Powell argued.

Gleeson leveled a long list of accusations against Flynn and others last week, concluding Sullivan should go ahead and sentence Flynn. He urged enhancing the sentence because he thought Flynn committed perjury, even though that charge never has been filed.

Flynn's team said "this court must grant the Government’s Motion to Dismiss with prejudice to which General Flynn has consented" and that "this court is foreclosed by all relevant precedent from going behind the current record on the Government’s Motion to Dismiss' because of 'fundamental principles of separation of powers."

The defense pointed out Sullivan even accepted the guilty plea while Flynn's previous lawyers had conflicts of interest and exculpatory evidence was withheld by prosecutors.

The Justice Department also filed arguments for the dismissal of the case, stating the Constitution allows the executive branch – not the judiciary – to decide whether or not to prosecute cases.


Democrats wouldn't buy a clue if it was government subsidized.

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