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How do the 'Crats think giving trillions of dollars to black people just for being black will set with Latinos and other non-black minority groups?
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Posted by: LateForLunch ®

06/16/2020, 01:52:43

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I'm guessing for every vote the 'Crats get by pushing reparations to black people using California tax dollars, they will lose at least TWO Latino, other ethnic minority or white Democrat voters. 

Just the shenanigans of the 2016 campaign cycle and the first two years of the Trump administration's endless persecutions disguised as PROsecutions, the 'Crats lost a good percentage of voters to the non-aligned category (it's not a coincidence that the non-aligned voter tallies grew by the same percentage that the Democrat voter tallies declined).

That trend will likely continue with the late unpleasantness.
First the Chinese, supported by 'Crats, inflict countless deaths on the innocent people of the world, then the 'Crats support rioting and the elimination of law enforcement. Wow. Brilliant. 

Talk about a WINNING hand!! I mean, how can the GOP conceivably compete with that using greater general prosperity, record employment for blacks/Latinos and women, continuing real police reforms that work, strength in foreign policy defending the borders, and the idea that the laws of the land should actually be enforced? 

No, people want CHAOS AND DESTRUCTION, so they will vote for the 'Crats and elect as many lunatics and perverts as they can in order to help destroy the world. 

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