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'Reign of terror' not possible in America? Think again
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Posted by: TEEBONE ®

06/15/2020, 22:47:38

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'Reign of terror' not possible in America? Think again - WND

Barbara Simpson
5-6 minutes

Most Americans are sorely wanting in the area of knowing history, which makes what we are now going through socially and politically something they have no way of understanding.

The result is that most of us are poor victims of those who know how to manipulate us politically and socially. And be assured, they know exactly what they are doing; unfortunately, most of us don't realize what is being done to us and our future.

Those of us old enough to remember the turmoil of the '60s remember that the hippies were politically motivated, and had they succeeded in their aims, we would have collapsed then. We didn't, but the turmoil they created paved the way for the uproar we face now.

And have no doubt, what we face now is a crisis of enormous proportion.

Yes, the line is "Black Lives Matter," but the reality is, that has always been the situation. Those lives do matter, but in fact, ALL lives matter – although it is dangerous to say that to those who are pro-abortion. There's no rationale to that, but logic has nothing to do with what we're facing.

TRENDING: Trump preparing executive order that pushes 'the opposite' of defunding police

The death of George Floyd was awful and unnecessary, but there's no logic or reason for it to cause the uproar we have had to endure. Political opportunists took advantage of that tragedy to push us into the crisis we now face.

Does anyone really believe that the riots across this country are simply the result of Floyd's death? What about the mass movement to destroy history by removing statues of people from our political past? What about the same thing going on in Europe?

Does anyone really believe it is an "accident" that people there are suddenly on a tear to trash statues of people from their history, all because of the death of one previously unknown black man in the United States?

Please. Let's not be that stupid.

Statues of people from Columbus and Washington forward through history, regardless of their politics, are fair game. In the United States, anything having any connection to the Confederacy is fair game, and every one of them is being attacked.

What really is happening is that our history is being attacked – and the bottom line to these people is that the United States is basically a racist nation and has been since the founding, so it needs to be taken down.

In Richmond, Virginia, a statue of Christopher Columbus was pulled down and thrown into a lake, while in Boston, his statue was beheaded.

What does that mean to the history of the nation and the legacy of the man who was such an essential part of it?

Across the country there are statues of men who played an important role in the history of the Confederacy and the War Between the States. Regardless of which side they were on, they played an important role in our history, yet the maniacs in the street want all of them taken down and destroyed.

Never one to miss a beat, Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi has jumped on the "destruction bandwagon," saying that she wants 11 statues of Confederate individuals removed from Statuary Hall in the Capitol. They include Confederate President Jefferson Davis, Vice President Alexander Stephens, and U.S. Vice President John Calhoun, among others.

Given the terrible state of our education system and that we simply do not teach history, it remains a big question what the removal of statues from our history will mean to future generations. They know hardly any of our history now.

There seems to be a sense that people in our history must be perfect, and if they are not, we must destroy their historic memory.

Yes, there were slave owners among our Founding Fathers, but they created a government and a country that enabled people be to free.

What we face today is a movement by many, including the young, that the history of the world is something for which we must feel guilt.

Their solution is to destroy all evidence of that history and take out the guilt on us today.

It's impossible to see how this will all play out, but it appears that it will not be pretty and, in fact, may be more destructive than they even anticipate.

Historian Victor Davis Hanson looks at this situation we face and sees a frightening parallel to the French Revolution -- think the "reign of terror."

Not a pretty thought, but looking at the rage and destruction of the riots of the last week, it is not that farfetched an idea.

Given that possibility, what are we going to do about it?


Democrats wouldn't buy a clue if it was government subsidized.

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