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Entire Miami SWAT Team Quits In Protest Of Mayor And Chief
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Posted by: TEEBONE ®

06/15/2020, 13:33:37

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MASS RESIGNATION: Entire Miami SWAT Team Quits In Protest Of Mayor And Chief

Wes Walker
4-5 minutes

They will still serve as cops, but no longer as SWAT. They allege that even the safety of the police dogs are taken more seriously than theirs.

When leaders habitually throw their subordinates under the bus, it isn’t long before those subordinates stop following.

That’s a lesson learned recently in Hallandale Beach, Florida, located between Miami and Ft. Lauderdale.

Their police chief knelt along with the BLM protesters who have been spraying ACAB (All Cops Are Bastards) on bare surfaces all across the country, a group whose demand include defunding the police. Not surprisingly, the actual rank and file cops didn’t appreciate the gesture.

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A south Florida police department’s entire SWAT team resigned Friday, citing the chief of police’s decision to take a knee with protesters calling for an investigation into a 2014 raid in which a black man was fatally shot.

The ten-person team handed over an angry letter of resignation to the Hallandale Beach police chief in which they took aim at Vice Mayor Sabrina Javellana for comparing them to the Minneapolis Police Department that killed George Floyd. —DailyMail

For one thing, that raid has already BEEN investigated. For another, invoking a comparison to 4 officers facing criminal charges for 2nd Degree murder is a HELL of an allegation to make against police officers. Making it casually can only further inflame tensions between cops and the public. And when public officials are throwing cops under the bus to make themselves good, that is obscene. Especially when doing so will only increase public antagonism toward them.

Here is the resignation letter. It is ‘clickable’.

New: Just obtained the resignation letter from members of the Hallandale Beach Police SWAT unit, who are resigning from SWAT, but not the entire PD, in response to their chief taking a knee with #blacklivesmatter protesters

— Jerry Iannelli (@jerryiannelli) June 13, 2020

Below is a screenshot of the resignation letter.

The Key takeaways are:

  • Their dangerous job is not being adequately supplied with training and gear, and politics have overruled best practices in SWAT tactics. The safety of dogs is better provided for than the safety of SWAT.
  • City Admin showing disdain for SWAT, due to budget cuts and also attempts to block a disability pension for an on-the-job injury.
  • City Commission disrespecting individual officers, including attacking lawful actions of SWAT. And has actively protested against SWAT. ‘having the gall to compare us to the Minneapolis police department.’
  • Lastly, members of Command Staff taking a knee as protesters demanded a cop be ‘fired and charged’ over a case that was already investigated by a grand jury… where no misconduct was found.

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