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06/15/2020, 08:43:46

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Startling claim: Ex-lawmaker charges U.S. unleashed coronavirus to spark economy - WND

WND Staff
5-6 minutes

A former Kuwaiti parliamentarian who is on the run from law enforcement claims the United States unleashed the coronavirus to help its economy.

'Abd Al-Rahman Dashti, writing in the Syrian daily Al-Thawra, explained he's a former Kuwaiti parliamentarian who supports the resistance axis, said the Middle East Media Research Institute, or MEMRI.

MEMRI reported: "He stated that the coronavirus, which is artificial, was deliberately developed by the U.S. in order to save its economy from collapse, in light of the booming Chinese economy. He added that the U.S.'s development and spread of the virus – its 'great, barbaric manipulation against humanity' – was according to a plan by 'the Zionist Freemasons, the Rothschilds, and the Rockefellers' who control the American empire and seek to prevent its fall and to renew their global control."

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Dashti was in the Kuwaiti armed forces from 1974 to 1982 as a pilot. Later he became an MP, but he got into trouble for social media statements critical of Kuwaiti and Saudi regimes and went into hiding. He's been sentenced to prison terms totaling 55 years.

In the article he said: "While COVID-19 has taken the lives of thousands of people worldwide, and continues its wild slaughter, the campaign of [mutual] accusations between the U.S./Europe and China/Russia about who is responsible for spreading the deadly virus and what their motives are in doing so is [likewise] escalating."

He said that means "that these countries have skipped over the possibility that it is a natural occurrence that emerged following the consumption of bats or because of some mistake in a laboratory, and have recognized that it is an artificial virus planned and created premeditatively as a preventative solution to the [imminent] mighty explosion in all areas of human and animal life on the planet."

"This [explosion would be] the result of the expected economic collapses and the massive growth in the [world] population, two-thirds of which would become a burden to some Western countries," he wrote.

Did the U.S. unleash coronavirus in order to jumpstart its economy?

"In the past decade, the world has been following America's covert threats against China aimed at slowing the pace of its scientific and economic development, after it became a global power that the array of the Freemasons and the Jewish tycoons do not control," he said.

"But China did not give in to these threats – on the contrary, it revived the operation of the natural gas pipeline and inaugurated it, starting the flow of gas from the Russian [gas] fields directly to Chinese factories. As a result, China's industrial output doubled within a few months, and [its products] are strong competitors to American products – bringing the American economy to the brink of collapse."

He went on to claim, "The only solution for the American economic collapse caused by the spread of China's [global economy] was this virus, by means of which the U.S. began its great, barbaric manipulation against humanity, according to a plan prepared by experts from the Zionist Freemasons, the Rothschilds, and the Rockefellers."

He charged, overlooking the massive economic damage the U.S. economy has suffered because of the coronavirus, which originated in Wuhan, China, that Italy was "punished" because if its business dealings with China.

"[In this context,] let us not forget the great enmity between Iran and the U.S., that reached the borders of its [i.e. the U.S.'s] Zionist protégé; or the steadfastness of the Syrian people in the face of the global scheme, the Deal of the Century, that has been buried alive again; nor the Russian presence that emerged following this, as an alternative to the American presence in the Middle East, nor the Russian economic development in the areas of science, medicine, and military industry, and Russia's billions of dollars in weapons sales contracts."

He said a third world war will come.

MEMRI reported that some weeks earlier Dashti claimed in writing that the coronavirus was brought to China by "67 American troops coming from Afghanistan to attend a military exhibition."


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