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LTE author Harry T. Barnes is an arrogant, self-satisfied Fudd.
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Posted by: TEEBONE ®

06/13/2020, 13:41:02

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In Your Opinion: Columnist wrong on guns in America

3-3 minutes

The recent inane commentary by Kirby Olson in The Star was disturbing. He began with a chickadee murder and BB gun battles as a child, leading him to “not touch guns for years.”

Next, he celebrated his philosophy students’ love of guns for “entertainment” and took potshots at U.S. Rep. Anthony Delgado for supporting background check legislation that would help prevent more mass murders of school children and others by identifying people with a history of violent behavior.

The irony of uninformed opposition to this legislation is that most of us would not be affected at all. Purchase of guns would not be prohibited and background checks not even required when gifting guns between family members or transferring weapons for hunting, target shooting or self-defense.

Olson doesn’t seem to realize how many mass murders have been committed with legally procured military assault rifles designed for one purpose only — to kill people. Delgado, along with most Americans believe these “machine guns” should be banned.

I am an Army veteran and a hunter. I was taught to respect guns — safety on; never loaded indoors; never point at anything you don’t intend to shoot; shoot straight; kill clean.

My guns are hunting tools for killing game animals and “varmints.” As a soldier, my military firearms were for killing people. And, I assure you, those weapons are not designed for hunting rabbits and do not belong in civilian hands

Olson goes on to assert that we need guns to protect ourselves and our property as if we live in a third world country. Many of us in Delaware County don’t even lock our doors.

Mr. Olson might consider reading Erik Larson’s 1994 book, “Lethal Passage: The Story of a Gun,” before philosophizing further about firearms.

Harry T. Barnes

East Meredith

"I assure you, those weapons are not designed for hunting rabbits and do not belong in civilian hands."

First, both the Miller and Heller Courts recognized that arms suitable for militia use are precisely those within the ambit of 2A protection. Indeed, the Miller Court ruled that the general characteristic is "any part of the ordinary military equipment."

Second, the AR-15 has proved to be the weapon of choice in America for harvesting wild hogs, dispatching pests, and defending homes and families, thus they are "in common use" due to their popularity.

Third, while I thank you for your service, said service does not make you an "expert," least of all on the what the Constitution protects. In fact, the weapons you used in the military (i.e. select-fire M16s and M4 carbines) are not "in civilian hands" -- at least, none that were manufactured after 1986, and there are damn few legally owned in the United States.

I find it amusing that you use the "Fudd Test" - hunting rabbits - as the determining factor of what arms we have a right to keep and bear.


Democrats wouldn't buy a clue if it was government subsidized.

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