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"Health Experts" and other stinking rotters:
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Posted by: TEEBONE ®

06/11/2020, 22:14:01

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'Health experts' unmask themselves as liberal manipulators - WND

Sean Harshey
6-8 minutes

As Americans emerge from three months of government-mandated house arrest to salvage what we can from the destruction inflicted on businesses and finances, the shocking hypocrisy of the left is stirring outrage. After following directions of politicians and experts to dramatically alter our lives, miss out on major life events and incur catastrophic economic losses, we find experts are now not so sure any of these unprecedented measures were even necessary. To add insult to injury, the same experts who heaped shame and ridicule on good people following the rules, but with legitimate questions over the necessity of the requirements, turned around and excused rioters who followed none of the guidelines imposed on law-abiding Americans.

From the beginning of the coronavirus panic some raised the possibility of political motivations, considering the remarkable timing immediately after Democrats' impeachment gamble crashed and burned. Add in that the panic began months before a presidential election, the then-roaring U.S. economy, President Trump's surprisingly solid approval rating and the fact the loudest voices insisting on the shutdown/lockdown were largely the same ones who cried wolf for three years about the president being a Russian spy. Skeptical conservatives were derided as conspiracy theorists. Most Americans accepted that there was a real danger because surely Democrats would never use a health emergency as a political weapon, right? And, besides, health experts with credentials, computer models and said to be above partisan politics appeared to all agree.

We all know how the predictions panned out.

As their wrong predictions were explained, the mask of political neutrality fell off when protests, riots and looting broke out after the death of George Floyd during an arrest in Minneapolis. Gov. Gretchen Whitmer violated her own stay-at-home order to join a crowded protest after terrorizing Michigan citizens and demonizing those who protested her refusal to reopen the state, telling citizens just days before to Google how to cut their own hair. New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio mockingly dismissed calls to allow churches to reopen, even though thousands were rioting in the city, saying church attendance did not compare to 400 years of racism. But it was a pair of news items, in particular, that showed Americans the continued coronavirus restrictions were, in fact, politically motivated efforts to help Democrats at the expense of our citizens and nation.

Last week 1,300 "health experts" signed a letter claiming racism is a bigger public health threat than catching Chinese coronavirus, so racial protesters should be exempt from public health restrictions, but not those protesting the continued lockdowns. Many of the "racial justice" protests resulted in rioting, burning, fighting, looting and killing, the protest in Washington, D.C., over the weekend described as a "street party" by some, with dancing and occasional attacks on police. According to these self-proclaimed health experts, protesting Democrats is medically irresponsible, but protesting President Trump is medically imperative.

TRENDING: Judge rules on lawsuit against Michigan governor's stay-at-home order

Another signal coronavirus was used as a tool to unseat Donald Trump came from a group calling themselves "White Coats for Black Lives." These purported medical professionals joined jam-packed protest marches in various cities despite months of warnings about the extreme health dangers of congregating in large crowds. One wonders if any of these were the same people dressed in surgical scrubs and masks blocking traffic and interfering in protests by regular Americans to regain lost freedoms in Democratic-controlled states – people health experts derided as dangerous and irresponsible science-deniers.

Liberal "health experts" are liberals first, their title simply a mask behind which they hide their political manipulation to help maneuver people into empowering Democrats. We have seen this before in other previously trusted professions.

Much has been written over the past few decades about the loss of trust in certain American institutions, pillars of our culture serving such a critical function in our society that they are above partisan politics. Universities were trusted institutions based on their rigorous pursuit of truth. Research, teaching and acting as a repository of their ever-expanding bases of knowledge gave them a unique status. Over the past half century, respect for universities has eroded due to infestation by leftist fanatics masquerading as academics who have transformed them into propaganda factories churning out angry, America-hating Democratic voters with few of the skills expected from a higher education. Like today's "health experts," university professors and other academics use the hollowed-out shells of their institutions as nothing more than a cover to hide their leftist political activism.

Also gone are the days when journalism was respected as the eyes and ears of the people, referred to by the lofty term "The Fourth Estate." The concept is so important its independence was enshrined in the First Amendment to prevent abuse by those in power. But our founders never anticipated the stewards of that trust would voluntarily surrender their independence to use their unique position as a weapon for the powerful to manipulate the citizenry. As major media have warped into a liberal monolith, defending Democrats' every position, attacking their critics and purging their own ranks of any suspected of impurity of the leftist cause, journalism now ranks as one of the least trusted professions, just above union bosses and lawyers.

Like journalism, the profession of polling has become a liberal tool. What should be strictly mathematics and strict methodology to attain an accurate measure of opinion has been turned on its head by leftists, with the desired result dictating polling methods to achieve the best outcome for Democrats. Their work is presented, however, as an accurate measure of public opinion. Polling services have become contaminated by leftists, using the trust of their work as cover to advance Democrat politics. This fact was most evident in the 2016 election as polls showed Hillary Clinton dominating Donald Trump by double digits only to be exposed as fakes on Election Day.

Pollsters, journalists, academics and now health experts: formerly respected positions now occupied by liberal activists exploiting Americans' trust in those titles for political manipulation.


Democrats wouldn't buy a clue if it was government subsidized.

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