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Feeling-centered personalities are attracted to nonsense. They dislike precision, logic, facts or reason.
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06/11/2020, 20:39:52

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There are unfortunately millions of people with organically normal brains who yet have an intellect that is so impaired by neurosis, that they are literally as impaired as many with brain damage, hard narcotics addiction or severe autism. 

Deviates gravitate toward the psychotic response to stress. That is when stressed, such sick morons shun previously successful methods or means and instead scramble to embrace the sick, the experimental, the horribly risky, the strange, the new, the OPPOSITES of everything normal people like. 

Leftists are largely and increasingly, psychological deviates. Nothing more or less. Horribly, lethally dangerous because the revel in their own irrationality and destructiveness (Satanic).  

Largely anti-conservative fanatics are thrilled and excited by things that normal people find alarming and disgusting. 

That is very much in the character of severe emotional illness. They most often perceive themselves as exemplars or heroes, not as what they are  - freakish, dangerous, detached-from-reality nuts who are proud of being lunatics. 

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