business people know that leftists are horribly intolerant of disagreement, so biz people naturally pander to them.
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06/11/2020, 20:27:59

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Our culture has developed a cacogenic fetish - obsessive deference to the most violent, immature, vicious, immoral and dangerous among us. 

The famous Churchill saying about cowardice being a plan for the  "crocodile eating you last" sums it up. Most CEOs don't plan for the long term - they bet on short-term issues. Anything requiring courage or longevity is automatically excluded from Greenheads SOP. 

They would rather pull the chord on their golden parachute than to risk changing their strategery (sic) or actually leading in any meaningful sense. 

Multi-national corporations are the worst offenders, but all mass market-dependent businesses are subject to this problem. No balls. Just greed. 

See movie "American Psycho" for a good view of how too many top echelon managers and professionals behave - being incapable of making complex moral judgments. They are so far from being "normal" human beings that it is almost a fair comparison between them and serial murderers. 

For some of these vermin, if you were to say something to them like, "you should do the thing that is morally right..." they will look at you like you're an idiot and snort..."WHY!?!? What the f*** is in it for ME????" 

And they will be serious. If it weren't so horribly tragically disgusting it would be hilarious. 

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