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Posted by: TEEBONE ®

05/21/2020, 12:15:07

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We are sliding fast down the slippery slope of socialism. BUT — it could be a mere shadow of what's to come. If you want to protect yourself with the most urgency, please find below a special message from Dr. Ron Paul.

Yours for the truth,
Bob Livingston
Editor, The Bob Livingston Letter®


Dr. Ron Paul's Coronavirus Message



But what's happening in America right now is being taken advantage of by those who want to profit politically from the panic.

To them, it's a perfect chance to steal more of our constitutional freedoms and set America up for a socialist future.

If that sounds too extreme, just consider:

  • The Department of Justice recently asked Congress for the ability to detain Americans—without trial—during "emergencies" like this...
  • Others have proposed we "eliminate all political borders"...
  • And according to a recent story in Politico, the White House Coronavirus Task Force is considering creating a national surveillance system to track Americans' health information – essentially a healthcare Patriot Act!

Don't forget: In many states, it's now illegal to publicly worship at a church. A blatant disregard for the First Amendment. (And many state constitutions, as well.)

But this is just a foreshadowing of an even greater crisis...

One former Trump advisor is warning that this could spark the next Great Depression.

But I think the results could be even worse...

I explain why – and the #1 first step every American should take to prepare right now – in a short new video I put together.


Dr. Ron Paul


Democrats wouldn't buy a clue if it was government subsidized.

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