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Posted by: TEEBONE ®

05/20/2020, 22:51:50

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Editorial: US Army veteran - I fought for freedom. That's not what I'm seeing. Enough already.

9-11 minutes

This editorial is brought to you by a United States veteran.

This is not what I signed up for. On April 9, 1996, I wrote my name on a dotted line, I raised my right hand and said the following:

“I, Mitchell Scott McKinley, do solemnly swear that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; and that I will obey the orders of the President of the United States and the orders of the officers appointed over me, according to regulations and the Uniform Code of Military Justice, SO HELP ME GOD!”

I meant every word of that oath. These are words that I still hold close to my heart. I still live by them. The fact that I am almost 16 years removed from my last day in the Army is irrelevant. The oath I took does not have an expiration date. The oath I took is valid and binding until I die. 

Unfortunately, what I see today is not what I signed up for. The complete and total disregard for the Constitution and our very way of life being displayed by the liberal thought process in this country is nauseating.

I, along with millions like me, fought to defend the rights and freedoms that Americans enjoy today. Freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom of the press, freedom to assemble, the right to keep and bear arms, and the right to due process… just to name a few, are things I believe are worth fighting for.

Liberal ideology has bastardized the meaning of each of those fundamental and inalienable rights that we cherish in this country.

We are currently witnessing the attempt at absolute annihilation of our Constitutional freedoms through the imposition of these draconian orders to stay at home, not work and not exist outside of a six-foot bubble.

Our elected leaders can and must do better that what we are getting from many of them right now. 

Los Angeles County in California has extended its requirements an additional three months. California Governor Gavin Newsom just issued an executive order allowing mail-in voting for every registered voter in California, collected through ballot harvesting. This opens the door for some many levels of voter fraud and skewed election results. 

Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzker has ordered his state’s residents to stay at home, except for essential business, then refused to answer questions regarding where his wife was during the lock-down. Turns out she has been travelling out of state for non-essential reasons. 

Similarly, Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot hypocritically ignored the orders she put on her city, then justified it by saying:

“I take my personal hygiene very seriously. As I said, I felt like I needed to have a haircut. I’m not able to do that myself, so I got a haircut. You want to talk more about that?”

Hey Mayor, just a learning opportunity for you. Washing your hair is hygiene. Cutting it is cosmetic. 

New Jersey’s governor, Phil Murphy told Tucker Carlson about their state’s restrictions: 

“I wasn’t thinking about the Bill of Rights when we did this.”

Well, that might explain why you think liquor stores are essential businesses for combating depression and addiction, but churches aren’t.

Michigan’s senior executive, Gretchen Whitmer ordered a 77-year-old barber to shut his doors. When he refused, she had his license revoked, making it illegal for him to run his shop and provide for himself. 

Oh, did you notice? Most of these issues are coming out of blue (Democratic-run) states.

And, for the love of God, do not get me started on what members of Congress are trying to do. The House just passed a $3 Trillion stimulus package. Led by Nancy Pelosi, they shoved many provisions into that they couldn’t get into the CARES Act. 

Among them: 

Expansion of $1,200 checks to certain undocumented immigrants.

Restoration of the full State and Local Tax Deduction (which helps individuals in high-taxed blue states).

A $25 billion rescue for the U.S. Postal Service.

Allowance for legal marijuana businesses to access banking services (keep in mind, numerous states are mandating that banks cannot provide services for gun manufacturers and distributors).

Mandatory vote-by-mail for the upcoming federal elections.

That last one makes me wonder: 

Now…back to Congress and everyone’s favorite New Yorker, Chuck Schumer.

Hey Chuck, you are aware that you narrowly passed this bill in the House. It passed by 9 votes. It is so bad, that you had 14 democrats vote “nay.” You couldn’t even get all of your ideological brethren on board.

And why now are you in such a hurry to push things through, when you and all your partners in idiocy on the left were doing all you could to slow down the CARES Act while you tried to ramrod liberal ideology that had no bearing on the situation it was meant to address?

I seem to recall you saying the exact opposite before that Act was ultimately passed. You said, in essence, that the Republicans should have given you what you wanted (irrelevant political concessions at the expense of Americans) so that you would vote yes to pass the Act. 

It is ironic that you wanted to eliminate money to corporations that employ and pay the workers you claimed to want to help, yet now you are endorsing a bill that bails out blue states that have mismanaged their budgets.

That sir, is the definition of both hypocrisy and lunacy.

I spent almost five years of my eight-plus years in the Army as an NCO. An NCO is supposed to be a leader. They are charged with the welfare and well-being of those they lead.

Much like elected officials, an NCO points the way to success for both the group mission and the individuals involved in the mission. It is the leader’s job to make sure that each member of the mission is equipped with what they need to effectively and safely do their part to lead to a successful outcome. 

Leaders do not simply provide the same thing to everyone and tell them they are now a success. They each have different roles to play and not everyone has the same outcome.

A NCO lives by a creed.

Elected officials could take some advice from the US Army NCO creed. I have taken the liberty of writing a version for our elected officials, which follows.

“No one is more professional than I. I am a duly elected member of (insert office). As such, I realize that I am a member of a group that has been entrusted by my constituents to do what is in their collective interest. 

“I am proud of the office which I hold and will at all times conduct myself so as to bring credit upon the office, the constituents who elected me and my (city/county/state/country) regardless of the situation in which I find myself. I will not use my position to attain pleasure, profit, or personal safety.

“Competence is my watchword. My two basic responsibilities will always be uppermost in my mind — accomplishment of the mission I was elected for ensuring the well-being and ability to pursue the Constitutionally guaranteed rights of my constituency. I am aware of my role as (insert office). I will fulfill my responsibilities inherent in that role.

“All Americans are entitled to outstanding leadership; I will provide that leadership. I know my constituents and I will always place their needs above my own. I will communicate consistently with the people who I represent and never leave them uninformed. I will be fair and impartial when reviewing all legislative actions and in all votes on recommended legislation.

“Other members of my team will have maximum time to accomplish their duties; they will not have to accomplish mine. I will earn their respect and confidence as well as that of my constituents. I will be loyal to those with whom I serve: seniors, peers, and subordinates alike.

“I will exercise initiative, compassion, humility and integrity. I will not compromise my integrity, nor my moral courage. I will not forget, nor will I allow my colleagues to forget that we are professionals and leaders, elected by the people, for the people!”

Elected officials…in most cases, your constituents elect you to make a change for the better and do what is right. They did not elect you to impose tyrannical orders and restrict them from being able to live their lives. 

Think about that. Really let it sink in.


Democrats wouldn't buy a clue if it was government subsidized.

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