The maps tell the story. Only about 50% of the population has been following proper distancing guidelines anyway.
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05/20/2020, 02:50:11

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Even with 50% compliance, the curve has flattened, the key numbers are dropping (infection rate, doubling rate, transmission rate) and the percentage of counties with less than 0.5% of the population infected is rising every day. 

The places with  the bigger problems are all high-risk areas where compliance-rate for proper distancing is lower (poorer, unedumacated Latino/black neighborhoods  mostly)*. 

Any day now they will announce that the average transmission rate is less than 1. Once that happens, it's all but over (at least for the time being). 

Genetically there is already some evidence that the strength of the virus (the ease with which it is able to pass from host to host) is declining. That's 'cause the stronger virus strains burn out faster - cause their hosts perish more-quickly, ending the genetic line, (cacogenic strains dominate). 

* The cases -per-100K rate drops dramatically in my own
county (L.A.) outside Latino/black dominated areas. Just by driving three miles over the pass from Santa Clarita to Sylmar the infection-rate increases by a factor of ten!! 

My city (250,000) has not had a single death in the last 96 hours.

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