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Yeah, that's weird now that you mention it...Denali calls her "Aoch" like the name a demon would have.
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Posted by: LateForLunch

05/20/2020, 02:45:09

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Things are shaping up much like 2016 - the polling is not reflecting what people intuitively know - that most voting citizens are very uncomfortable with the idea of radical revolutionary socialists running the country.

Abrams, Aoch, Sanders, Warren and the rest of the radical extremists are doing much of the work for the GOP election workers for them.

Self-destructiveness and anti-conservative fanaticism go together like Gila Monsters and poison.

For instance, Abrams is grotesquely unattractive in both personality and physical appearance. Having blatantly ugly people is a burden to carry into any election cycle.

A selection of Abrams as VP would put the possibility of a 50 state McGovern/Reagan blowout front and center. She is for want of a better term, utterly repulsive in every way that counts.

Her being black is about the tenth thing on her list of attributes that will turn off voters.

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