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Of course I had to look it up. :) That far exceeded my normal vocabulary.
Re: BTW, what'd ya think of "contumacious?" Didja have'ta look it up? I did! <grin> -- TEEBONE Post Reply Top of thread Forum

Posted by: Jenny ®

05/20/2020, 01:06:21

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I am barely capable of having a normal conversation with anyone lately and mostly I spend more time trying to think of names, places, items, objects and not sure why, but simple words have a way of eluding me lately.  I am in a neighborhood of dimocrat idiots and my natural instincts could land my butt in jail.    I do not understand people who enjoy dependency on government rules and regulations to be happy.   Btw, these are the same idiots who not only embraced their stimulus checks but are greedily awaiting the 'reported' $2000  they think will soon follow the original $1200.   I am stressed to the max.  

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