No matter what the Dems do, the Republicans find a way to let them worm out of it.. I am sick of PC and RINO's.
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Posted by: Jenny ®

05/19/2020, 17:13:20

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I would love to think Donald Trump could win re-election in 2020 but I am no longer confident he could win any election now..  I am so disgusted with Barr, Graham and McConnell.  If the Democrats get a stranglehold, we are SCREWED FOREVER!!  The Dims can commit crimes at will and nothing happens.  I am so sick thinking what is in store for us.  We have no laws worth honoring, little to few politicians to respect and watching Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer and Schitthead Schiff scares me because they always get their agendas completed while the Conservatives plans dies on the vines.  

God help us, I am so tired of this.   There is a knot in my stomach and I know the election will be stolen from us and there will be nothing we can do.  :( 

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