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Writer Hunter Thompson called it, "Jumping for the Great Sky Hook".
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Posted by: LateForLunch

05/18/2020, 18:07:21

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That is, engaging in a course of desperate action the consequences of which will be equivalent to jumping to try to grab onto a huge sharp swinging hook in order to hold on and be lifted up to Heaven. The risk is that there's an equal or better chance of dying impaled upon the hook, or falling to your death instead.

A sort of Beyond Extreme Hail Mary Pass.

'Not gonna post the article, just mentioning that metaphor as a result. See, some brilliant 'Crat strategerist (sic) decided that there is some sort of upside for them to convert the House of Representatives into an arm of their political party, instead of an administrative arm of the electorate. Polling be damned. Destruction of DJT and his administration is the summum bonum for them.

Destruction of the U.S. president is not just the most-important goal for radical revolutionary socialist 'Crats, it's the ONLY goal!!

They are trying to launch another impeachment (the latest in what is obviously going to be just the latest in never-ending attacks on the president meant to harm, cripple or destroy him personally or politically.

That would seem to me to be a very risky strategery politically - owing to the fact that the 'Crats are significantly behind in polling in every swing state. Non-aligned (independent) voters are critically important in those states.

Historically and for a long time, non-aligned voters have been very uncomfortable when they perceive hyper-partisanship, extremism and ideology-driven policy-making. IOW, they have little patience with exactly the sorts of things the 'Crats are generating with exclusivity, yea, obsession.

Being already behind in presidential polling, it is a puzzlement why there would be a decision to do something that would all-but drive a stake through the heart of any chance they might have had to recapture the middle voters in swing states.

Maybe this signals that they believe, "It doesn't matter who votes, only who COUNTS the votes," as their new 'Crat Father Figure Joseph Stalin famously stated*.

* There is of course debate whether Stalin actually said the above quote, but general consensus among those who knew him (few though they are who outlived him) was that he WOULD have said it and unquestionably believed it, being a fascist.

Once an aid reacting to a drunken oath from Stalin that he would, "round up every Roman Catholic in the Soviet Union and nail them to a cross on Easter morning," cautioned him that such an action would surely anger the Pope. Stalin snorted derisively, laughed, "The Pope? F*** the Pope!! How many military divisions does the Pope command !?!"

One imagines similar such self-aggrandizing, polemic remarks are not uncommon in the ranks of the most senior 'Crats in government and politics, these days.

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