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One need use only the nose. The stench of the Ruling Class bringing the electorate to heel. Or so they imagine.
Re: 9th Circus panel judges: one Clinton, one Obama, one Trump. Guess which is which [eyecross] - -- TEEBONE Post Reply Top of thread Forum

Posted by: LateForLunch

05/18/2020, 02:43:43

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Things have reached a run-away point in politics. The anti-conservatives have come out of the closet as fascists.

All of the treason, sedition and such other lawlessness in the FBI, from Congress-critters and Eightball Obama Wraithhouse have raised a mighty shock-front-inducing STINQUE!!

Crat-appointed judges /justices no longer even pretend to take their oaths to be dedicated to enforcing and rescripting the law above all else seriously.

John Roberts obscene display in "interpreting" the Abominable Health Destruction Act (Obama Scare) showed everyone the way. Licentiousness disguised as a search for the sumum bonam.

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