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05/16/2020, 17:46:44

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A Race to Build Border Wall as Mexico Covers Up COVID Fatalities - Liberty Nation

By: Leesa K. Donner
4-5 minutes

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Stacked coffins, crematoriums running on an industrial scale, and overflowing morgues reveal an entirely different story than Mexican government officials have been pedaling about the Coronavirus in Mexico City. The actual death toll in the capital city “is five times the published figure,” according to a Sky News investigative report. Could this grizzly truth be the reason for ramping up construction on the southern border wall?

Fox News reported on May 15 that the pace of construction along the border has increased. Acting Customs and Border Protection Commissioner Mark Morgan told Fox, “COVID-19 should be a wake-up call for all Americans that border security is national security. Preventing and slowing down the introduction of a deadly virus into the U.S. from outside our borders is exactly why border security matters, and why the wall matters.” In January, 100 miles had been completed. By April, that number jumped to 150, according to the Fox report.

Oh, Down in Mexico

One wonders if the Trump Administration had its ear to the ground in Mexico City and knew the truth behind the lies being told by officials within the Mexican government. Now Sky News has opened Pandora’s Box.

“Black smoke billows out over cemeteries as the ovens are cremating on an industrial level in the city but the bodies don’t stop coming.

In fact, the ovens simply cannot cope and there are regular reports of breakdowns only adding to the backlog.

In full hazmat suits, crematorium staff are working around the clock bringing bodies to huge ovens for disposal.”

Just to make sure you get the picture, Sky News offers video of morgues with stacked body bags and wooden pallets as well as gurneys filled with the dead because cold storage is maxed out. Billowing black smoke can be seen pouring out of crematoriums running at full tilt. To say the video is sickening is putting it mildly. This imagery belies the official Mexican government position that they have fared COVID-19 quite well. If Mexico City hospital morgues are overflowing with bodies – and this is what the video proves – there is a severe disconnect between the official position and reality.

Meanwhile, Back at the Border

It has been quite the political taffy pull for the Trump Administration to get the funds to keep building a sleek, modern barrier wall between Mexico and the U.S. On April 15, a Politico story outlined the efforts of house and senate Democrats to halt construction at the border during the Coronavirus crisis. The report described the efforts of “66 House Democrats and 25 senators” who wanted President Trump to stop all construction. Their letter to members of the Administration stated:

“Money that should be invested in healthcare, small businesses, and fighting the spread of COVID-19 is instead being used to build an ineffective and wasteful border wall that does not solve our immigration crisis or protect our homeland.

We should be using all resources and funding to combat this virus and protect Americans, instead of using critical funding and resources to continue the construction of a border wall.”

Thankfully, the Trump administration turned a deaf ear to the chiding from Democrats and doubled down on construction. It appears that may have been an incredibly wise move considering the Sky News report that shows Mexico City is a hotbed of Coronavirus activity. It is likely to mean the president will not be opening the U.S.-Mexican border any time soon. And that too is good news for Americans.


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