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Conservative Mike Garcia retakes retired House Armed Services Committee chair Buck McKeon's old seat previously lost to Katie Hill.
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Posted by: LateForLunch ®

05/14/2020, 05:20:39

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Garcia fought off a mild if obscenely well-funded campaign by the tramp (Smith) appointed by the 'Crats as interim rep after Hill was driven out of office for her stupid, lewd conduct. 

Smith lost to Garcia mostly 'cause she was a mirror image of the tramp who was elected before her appointment. Both of them looked and behaved like crazy over-sexed, manipulative sluts for the most part. 

That is fine outside the public eye, but not a good fit for a 95% white district that has been conservative for decades. Hill sneaked by when there was a big anti-Trump backlash that brought out the 'Crats to vote and kept GOP voters at home. That plus Steve Knight was a flawed candidate*.

* Knight very stupidly made publicly-recorded statements highly critical of Social Security. Those statements were misconstrued willfully by media ads to give the impression Knight was an anti-senior extremist. Hill's campaign made it the center of countless ads against Knight. It worked and Hill's over-sexed, "look-at-the-camera-like-you-want-to-f***-it" campaign beat him. Garcia beat Knight in the primary by a good margin. A normal, sane, honest conservative Latino is a safe bet to beat a crazy, lying 'Crat  hoe any time in Santa Clarita. 

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