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TYVM, General!! Any compliment to me is one to my mother, who is responsible for anything whatsoever worthy about her son.
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Posted by: LateForLunch

05/13/2020, 13:31:00

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My mother was a brilliant saint. The day she passed from this world was a permanent horrible loss for all Humanity in so many ways. Some people are irreplaceable. That woman was one of them. She taught me that heroes of the most vibrant, glorious sort walk among us everywhere.

My effort is ever and always to give information to people so that they may make their own decisions in these rescriptions. It is my mother's ability to gather/edit information comprehensively and present it to others enmasse which I learned slowly.

Her goal in each and every action was to find joy in doing the Will of God and see her efforts gratified. Her smile was rare but radiant like the sun.

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