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And who will protect them from the protectors?
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Posted by: LateForLunch

05/13/2020, 09:20:28

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We can look to Europe for what happens when Islamists gain footholds in local government and are supported by anti-conservative fanatics - self-defense becomes outlawed.

Islamophilia infected England and fighting against invasion by muzz became all but outlawed until very recent changes were brought by a political revolution (rejection of radical-socialist EU dictates).

There are very committed lunatics out there in positions of great power (ever lusting for more) who believe that standing up to violent, fascistic evil is wrong. Such a (forgive me) feminized approach to dealing with militant cacogens is suicidal.

And that is what leftists and other anti-conservative fanatics are selling these days. Administrating over the self-murdering of the Western hegemony and culture in the name of "compassion". Where is the compassion for Western culture, traditions and values? It does not exist in the psychotic world of vicious, cowardly anti-conservative fanatics.

All they know is hatred for individualism, capitalism, liberty, morality and justice. All they know of love is that of ego and of destruction for its own sake.


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