PRC has what sub-Saharan African nations will soon need - the ability to CONTROL their populations with an iron fist.
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05/13/2020, 09:12:34

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Africa is IMO likely heading for the worst it has EVER seen in modern times. The growing pandemic is most-likely going to bring tens of millions of deaths to the continent.

It is not unlikely that the PRC and Russia will move to intervene (interfere) in the affairs of many African nations as their populations are battered by plague transmission-rates/death-rates not seen in the world since the 13th century.

Plagues are fires that burn hottest just after they erupt. If nations fail to get a handle on transmission rates in the early days of the outbreaks, they can get totally out of control and wreak havoc on entire infrastructures, topple governments and result in absolute chaos.

Anyone who believes that border conflicts between nations verging on collapse will reduce, instead of increase has not been paying attention to the sturm und drang of sub-Saharan geopolitics.

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