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"I support President Trump because nothing, absolutely nothing, dissuades me that God's hand doesn't rest upon him." - So do I, for the same reason.
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Posted by: TEEBONE ®

05/12/2020, 14:45:13

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The rising, ugly specter of this year's never-Trumpers - WND

Mychal Massie
6-7 minutes

I've supported Donald Trump for president from the very beginning. I understood there would be instances he'd make certain concessions I disagreed with so things could get done. After all, he was fighting backstabbing RINOs and never-Trumper George Will types as well as Democrats.

For instance, I believe President Trump has taken bad advice, principally from Dr. Anthony Fauci, that has cost us dearly. But, I in no way and at no time have questioned President Trump's loyalty to America nor his truthfulness when it comes to his record of keeping his campaign promises to the best of his ability.

But, there are individuals, groups and PACs that are using the necessity for President Trump to alter certain plans as a cudgel to attack and undermine his presidency.

Their angst is disingenuous. Their real complaint is that President Trump hasn't conducted business as usual, and that means money out of their pockets.

Some of these PACs boast that they supported President Trump during his campaign, even making donations. I submit that doesn't make them President Trump supporters; it makes them participants in the old establishment Republican way of doing business. Think of Reince Priebus, Paul Ryan, Mitt Romney et al. – all of whom are betrayers.

TRENDING: Trump: Obama led 'biggest political crime in American history'

Betrayers are adept at masking their true motivations behind facades of falsity as they claim their attacks on President Trump are magnanimous and summum bonum.

I support the president and refuse to do anything to undermine his presidency because we have no alternatives to him. I support President Trump because nothing, absolutely nothing, dissuades me that God's hand doesn't rest upon him. No man save one anointed of God can withstand the rancor and relentless ad hominem attacks he's suffered. No man has accomplished what President Trump has heretofore, in the face of the luciferian attacks he's endured from day one.

These fractious attackers are the vilest. They want President Trump to fail. The vitriol with which stealth never-Trumpers attack those who dare call them out and expose them is a damning indictment.

I recently had the head of ALIPAC (Americans for Legal Immigration PAC) attack me on Twitter because I dared call him out for his Erebusic duplicity. By definition, his remarks were bigoted, but apparently having only Google as a dictionary, the factual meaning of the word bigot escaped him. When I referenced his attempted insults as tangential to the character of racists he stooped to a petulant diatribe that included calling me "GOP Jesse" (as in Jesse Jackson); I suspect because he lacks mastery of the English language.

His attempted insult, calling me "the Jesse Jackson of the GOP," was as ignorant as his never-Trumper leanings are transpicuous. His calling me Jesse Jackson is no different than liberals calling me a nigger. His name-calling was a puerile attempt to smear me for daring to confront his never-Trumper dishonesty, and I receive same with honor.

My record of opposition to everything Jackson and his kind stand for is a matter of record. I'm the one who challenged Al Sharpton, Marc Morial of the National Urban League and Walter Fauntroy (co-founder of the Congressional Black Caucus) to a three-on-one debate at the National Press Club, pursuant to their racist allegations against the tea party movement.

The crucial issue here is loyalty. I'm fiercely supportive of President Trump because he's the absolute only man for the job. Backstabbing RINO Repubs show their contempt for We the Voters. We elected President Trump because we believed in him. We understand that certain things won't be accomplished as planned because of the opposition stacked against him.

Self-proclaimed conservatives who are savaging President Trump are clandestine never-Trumpers committed to his defeat in November. Their patriotism and loyalty to America and President Trump is like Judas Iscariot exampled to Christ and Marcus Junius Brutus exhibited to Julius Caesar.

Reelecting President Trump is more critical than our electing him in 2016. We must defend and support President Trump because he's the God-given aegis of We the People.

We cannot fall prey to the Machiavellian machinations of those who are driven by their ophidian beliefs that contributing to President Trump being defeated will have them looked upon favorably.

Having a seat at the table doesn't motivate me, nor am I motivated by monetary gain. I care about America not popularity. I've had Barack Obama personally try to intimidate me, and I've had a conservative I like and respect deliver me a message of warning for speaking against RINO politicians on Capitol Hill.

If President Trump warranted not being reelected, I'd have no problem leading that charge. But he doesn't, and I won't. That also means I won't sit passively on the sidelines as spoiled children with no real-life experiences front for the haters of President Trump. Unlike the person I reference, I'm a lifelong conservative Republican.

Those who claim they're true conservatives must decide if seeing President Trump defeated in November, despite all that he has done to combat illegal aliens, is best for America. His having to make certain concessions some find objectionable may not have been necessary if they had fought shoulder to shoulder in support of him when RINOs in Congress were fighting him at every turn.


Democrats wouldn't buy a clue if it was government subsidized.

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