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And that thought has a brother. Inmates at LA County jails trying to get infected with virus.
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Posted by: LateForLunch ®

05/12/2020, 09:14:10

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Convicts imprisoned in Los Angeles area know there is a good chance they will get released early -  because L.A. city mayor "Yoga-Pants" Garcetti plainly announced it to the world!!

So by ignoring Natural Law (where incentive is great, activity will follow) Garcetti et al (Gov. Newsom) all but forced the situation to exist by letting everyone (and everyone else) in jail KNOW they could get out early. 

For many with little sense of responsibility toward their fellow human beings (I know, ODD that you would find that attitude a lot in PRISON) it a great idea! Getting sick with an illness that is almost never fatal if you are reasonably healthy is to these dangerous vermin, a get-out-of-jail-free card. 

The general low regard many prisoners have for high-risk populations (seniors/infants/infirm)  IOW "let 'em just die!!" gives strong incentive to try to become infected. It never bothers them to think that by being sick they might well cause OTHER innocent people to get sick and die.

A majority percentage of L.A. area prisoners are Latino. Now, don't get me wrong - some of the finest human being who walk the Earth are Latinos. That being said...a cacogen is a cacogen, after all. 

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