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Good story. I like the ending.
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Posted by: Russ Walden

05/11/2020, 09:39:32

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LFL --

I hate people like that. They have no regard for God's creatures, the law or the norms of civilized society.

Some friends and I had a place like that years ago, except ours was for fishing, not hunting. One guy had a Jeep -- the old fashioned 4WD kind. We would jeep in as far as it would go, then hike the rest of the way to one of the high lakes. We would set up camp the first night, cook, eat, drink, play poker and tell lies. Breakfast the next morning was freshly caught trout, gutted and pan fried.

The next two or three days we would fish and eat and play poker and tell more lies. On the last day, we would fish until we had filled up our coolers, then head home.

Usually, we did all that without seeing another human being.

Good memories.

Take care,

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