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Re: "...any animal that threatens me or mine, or if I'm really hungry and it is my best source food." - Well, of course. 'Goes without sayin'. ("catastrophic pinch" &c) -- TEEBONE Post Reply Top of thread Forum

Posted by: LateForLunch

05/11/2020, 04:00:27

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...from an avid hunter I work with. Met up with his friends at the usual place. They have a favorite spot that is impossible for others to find. They have NEVER seen anyone else in the area. Great hunting/fishing. Tough hike but worth it.

They were on their way back to their vehicles came across a big group of (forgive me) gooks (Asian lowlifes) at their camp. They were all drunk. They had full-auto weapons with illegal ammo, no permits and had all but annihilated the local animal population by killing literally everything they saw that wasn't human.

My friend is very familiar with the local Game Warden. He made a call, met up with him and the next thing you know, there were dozens of illegal expensive weapons seized, (they never got them back). At least a couple went to jail for this or that. They were Vietnamese. No telling from which side really. Not anymore.

The wildlife recovered. It is unknown how the arrested gooks fared in court/prison. They learned an expensive lesson about the dangers of openly flouting the law in a civilized nation.

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