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Re: White guy jogging through black neighborhood killed by two black men. Whites outraged. Riots expected. -- Russ Walden Post Reply Top of thread Forum

Posted by: LateForLunch ®

05/11/2020, 02:28:39

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R ioting, R unning-from-the- cops, R ipoffs, R ape, R acism, M ayhem, M olestation, M urder, M issing-school/work, M ental illness, M ooching, M artyrdom; that is the sub-cultural, leftist, anti-conservative-fanatic "black" tradition in the USA. 
Those who ascribe to the doctrine of RRRRRMMMMM are a universe removed from those normal people who happen to be black. Light years of difference. The former aspire to be permanent victims, behave like vicious cowards who believe that they owe the society which produced them absolutely nothing. The latter focus on empowering themselves to find a useful niche in the meritocracy.

I have an Alpha black officer working with me. Notice I used the term, "with" not, "for". Even though he is technically my subordinate, I feel fortunate to be able to regard him largely as a colleague. 

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