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U.S. epidemic came out of (leftist-dominated) New York and spread to rest of nation - scientists.
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Posted by: LateForLunch

05/10/2020, 08:29:56

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'Crat governor Cuomo et al (NYC 'Crat mayor DeBlasio) are in the scientific sense, the prime enablers of the US epidemic, according to researchers who have studied the epidemiological data.

Had there been an immediate ban on travel out of New York city and NY state, there would have been a very attenuated dispersal of the infection generally - and possibly tens of thousands less deaths (not to mention trillions upon trillions of dollars less-damage to the nation's economy).

That is one of the down sides of having a free society - a lock-down of that magnitude, especially in a state that is governed by hyper-political leftists, would have been so unwieldy that it is inconceivable.

In this situation, the militant oligarchy the Chicoms' have gave them the ability to institute immediate domestic travel lock-downs from infection hot-spots, (with dire consequences for violators) gave them the ability to severely reduce their own domestic epidemic.

The fact that the Chicoms apparently chose to allow the rest of the world to receive their infected population via international travel, is something that their nation may have to be held accountable for over the span of history.

The immediate concern of course, is how the international community of free nations will respond in order to discourage China or any other nation which has an outbreak of this magnitude, from doing the same thing all over again.

Frankly, I think we may be approaching a phase of history predicted by SF author Arthur C. Clarke (who wrote 2001:A Space Odyssey with film maker Stanley Kubrick). Clarke believed that some global crisis (like a pandemic or series of them) would drive civilization into a global decline (a Great Depression extending to the entire planet) would strip away the thin veneer of order/civility between nations.

Clarke believed that internecine warfare, famines and other chaos would eliminate the progress Humanity had achieved to date and cause the collapse of civil order.

He thought it might last for a couple of centuries and result in an arrest of global technological progress because of a chronic state of poverty (nations being unable to feed/protect/ sustain their populations) and (God forbid) hot wars for commodities and territory.

That would cause our planet to revert to the savage state of being dominated not by the Rule of International Law, but by those nations/factions possessing the most potent military force and the willingness to use it ruthlessly in their side's own selfish interests.

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