As usual, everything the 'Crats say is exactly the opposite.
Re: What utter pap. The "rule of law" is precisely what's being RESTORED. -- TEEBONE Post Reply Top of thread Forum

Posted by: LateForLunch ®

05/10/2020, 08:10:35

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It has become a cliche that 'Crats always always ALWAYS accuse their adversaries of everything that the 'Crats themselves are most guilty of being/doing. 

The 'Crats launch an obvious coup attempt, then complain that their adversaries, the ones who are the actual victims are the ones who are subverting the rule of law. 

Looking back on modern history, that is the way Marxists have always behaved. Admitting their own wrong-doing, infamy or sin is beyond their capability. They are not just unwilling, I think that they are unable to be virtuous, honest or ethical as a matter of their innately sick nature.

Largely and increasingly leftists and other anti-conservatives are horribly, lethally dangerous  - not just harmless clowns-without-make-up.  

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