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My son is "Semi-Latino" (sorta). Does that help?
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Posted by: Russ Walden

05/09/2020, 19:00:54

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Tee --
My Wife was self-designated "Semi-Latina." Her parents were born in Hawaii. Her mother was Latina, and her father was "Island Mix." They use that term because it is shorter than "Who the hell knows?" There were no birth records for him, at least that we could find. The term usually includes some of everybody who set foot on the islands since and before Captain Cook discovered them in 1778: some Hawaiian, some English, Asian, Portuguese, and anybody else who wandered by.

She decided that was way too complicated, so dubbed herself "Semi-Latina" and dropped the subject.

I think that makes our son "sorta Semi-Latino," but he still don't look nothin' like that dead dude.

Take care,

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