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An illustrative example of why most American JOOS need a good smack:
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Posted by: TEEBONE ®

03/24/2020, 18:09:08

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San Diego Jewish World publishes a stupid article using the Coronacrisis to push gun control

6-7 minutes

A buddy of mine sent me this because I apparently didn’t hit my quota for articles critiquing Leftist Jews last week.

From the San Diego Jewish World:

Are there enough hospital beds for Covid-19 and gun victims?

Yes, yes there are.  Hospitals may be busy but they are not overrun with sick people.  The one cause of the overrun in Italy was from people who did not have Coronavirus and had only mild symptoms but panicked and wanted tests.  This is starting to happen in US emergency rooms too.  If you are not having an emergency, see your primary care physician, don’t just rush over to the ER.

This is very different than the dire image the media is painting for us that the US is having people die in hospital parking lots like it’s some post-apocalyptic nightmare.

But I digress…

Baltimore Mayor Jack Young sounded a curious plea this past Wednesday: “We cannot clog our hospitals and their beds with people that are being shot senselessly because we’re going to need those beds for people infected with the coronavirus.”

Baltimore had a record homicide rate in 2019, of 57 per 100,000 people.  the overwhelming majority of those murders were criminals shooting other criminals over drugs or revenge.

Yet it seemed commendable nearly a month earlier when the House of Representatives passed the Emmett Till Anti-Lynching Act which, true to its name, would make lynching a federal hate crime.

It occurred to me that perhaps a century from now the House will vote to make gun violence a federal hate crime – thousands of bullet-ridden bodies later.

And this would accomplish what exactly?  Federal hate crime charges for some gang member killing another gang member because of money owed in a drug deal?

This is just stupid.

The perpetuation of gun violence is horrid enough, but soon gunshot victims could be competing with coronavirus patients for medical care. Not to mention patients for all other health woes served by hospitals.

Who could have predicted that gun control could not be more crucial? Of course, Republicans will likely deny that the coronavirus spread makes gun control compulsory, but it sure does. 

I would contend that Democrats reducing policing and letting criminals go free because of the Coronavirus is justification for expanding gun rights and concealed carry to law-abiding citizens.  Before the Coronavirus, assault and robbery were turned into catch-and-release crimes in New York and California due to things like Prop 47 and bail reform.  Add in the Cronoavirus and criminals can just about get away with murder.

When the massacre occurred at the Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh 17 months ago, what if the wounded were turned away from hospitals because there were no beds? The medical facilities were too consumed with treating coronavirus patients.

That’s a hell of a what-if.  Especially since that sort of emergency trauma surgery is treated in different rooms with different equipment than people in an ICU for a highly infectious contagion.

I wish [Baltimore’s Mayor Young] had emphasized national gun control legislation, the only means to prevent smuggling guns across state lines. Though gun control is not a panacea, it would cut off the supply of weapons.

Not just is not a panacea, it’s not effective at reducing gun crime at all.

The Republican response to gun control of prayers for the victims, which amounts to an empty gesture. compares to the anti-lynching bill’s impact. As lynchings of mainly black males swept the nation after the Civil War, Rep. George Henry White, the only black member of the House in 1900, proposed a bill to prosecute lynchings at the federal level at a time when such a law probably would have done some good.

I wonder if this idiot has thought his position through because the primary demographic responsible for shooting Baltimore’s black men is other black men.

It is always helpful to “send a strong message” against violence, but must it be limited to lynchings? Lynchings have for decades been nearly unheard of.

Lynchings could still happen today to blacks, Jews and anyone else, but gun violence is now the reality – whether it victimizes Jews at a Jersey City kosher grocery store and synagogues in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and Poway, California, or African-Americans in the inner-city. Or anywhere else.

Ask the seven victims of Wednesday’s shooting rampage in Baltimore.

I had to look this up.  There was a shooting in Baltimore last Tuesday.  The suspects are still at large.  The police suspect gang involvement and not a racially motivated shooting.

The author is skipping over that little point and has jumped onto some spurious connection to lynchings and hate crimes.

Also, if he is worried about random violent attacks on Jews, he’s probably going to be surprised that those seem to be carried out mostly by black people in New York City.

Furthermore, given the random nature of those attacks and the way city and state has responded, not to mention the growing anti-Semitism of Federal Democrats, I’d put more faith in encouraging Jews to adopt concealed-carry than I would some punk in Crown Heights being brought up on Federal anti-Lynching law for punching a Rabbi unconscious.

Every single thing about this opinion is wrong, from the effectiveness of gun control, to the facts about most of the shootings in places like Baltimore, to the state of the US emergency medical system, to how he envisions his solution working.

This guy is just a Lefty who wants gun control and will use any excuse to get it and right now the Coronacrisis is the best excuse he has.


Democrats wouldn't buy a clue if it was government subsidized.

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