Mychal Massie is skeptical. (Yeah, I know it's hard to believe, but he really is. ;-)
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03/23/2020, 20:13:00

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Neo-Leninist governors and gullible Americans - WND

Mychal Massie
5-7 minutes

The media are not reporting the fact they're fearmongering. They're fomenting and spreading exaggerated rumors of impending doom to raise the specter of fear for the express purpose of manipulating the public. And that by definition is fearmongering.

Saturday morning my wife and I stopped by a friend's deli to pick up an item. My friend had CNN on the television that was typically tuned to a food channel. Predictably, listening to the reporting was like being connected intravenously to depressants. By the time we walked out of the shop, I needed a carafe of Valium with a carafe of Xanax for a chaser. The so-called news was that depressing.

People sit glued to their televisions and radios being subjected to endless regurgitation of projections for infection and death. I believe that network, cable news and talk programs should be prosecuted for fomenting panic and fearmongering with forethought and malicious intent.

CNN has an uninterrupted track record of fallacious reporting. CNN's false reporting from Iraq is second in its unadulterated dishonesty only to President Franklin Roosevelt's coercing American newspapers to falsify the horrors Hitler's Germany was perpetrating upon the Jews.

The complicity between the Roosevelt administration and the American newspapers provided a veil of protection that allowed Hitler to inflict unimagined suffering upon the Jews. (See: CNN: All Lies, All The Time,, Sept. 3, 2018.)

TRENDING:2 Fox stars gave Donna Brazile lesson in manners after outrageous 'Go to hell' comment

I keep telling you that the numbers just do not add up. We're being lied to, and the public is being willfully complicit in its own demise.

The tactics never change whether it's around-the-clock lies and fomenting of fear and panic about a flu virus or it's around-the-clock attacks on President Trump. The media spin narratives to manipulate the behavior and perspective of the people. And the public buys it.

The public is compliantly going along with having their rights and privileges stripped away and denied under the false understanding that self-serving Erebusic fools masquerading as governors are enacting statewide shutdowns of businesses to supposedly keep us safe. And people believe them!

Why are lawn care companies forced to close? If I own a small lawn care business of perhaps five to 10 employees, whom am I endangering by having my employees load a lawnmower and weed-whacker on a trailer, cut grass and trim weeds? Appointments are scheduled by phone or text, and payment is through online services or check. Who's been endangered? A one-man shoe repair shop was forced to shut down. Who is he endangering by having shoes dropped off and picked up?

Restaurants are closed for dining, but GrubHub et al. are putting the potentially infected in contact with others.

News reports out of Pennsylvania on Monday, March 23, claimed the number of people in the state with the COVIDE-19 flu virus is up to 644. That's 644 out of 13 million people since Jan. 1, 2020. Buried in the penultimate paragraph of one news report a sentence stated three people have died from this virus. And for that the entire state is under de facto martial law lockdown?

Nevada Gov. Steve Sisolak commanded the shuttering of all non-essential businesses even though only two people have died in the entire state.

The number of homicides in Chicago increased 55% in January 2020 over the same month in 2019. The number of homicides overall has increased by 43% in Chicago over the same period last year. In short, in Chicago the likelihood being killed by thugs is far greater than by COVID-19.

The most respected doctors in the world plied their trade in public anonymity before the so-called COVID-19 outbreak. Now that they're being feted with cameras and plaudits they are becoming enamored with their newly found celebrity.

I agree without hesitation that President Trump's decisive action to deny entrance of persons from certain regions was precisely the correct thing to do. And yes, it prevented entrance of infected persons into the country.

But neo-Leninist governors have seized upon the president's best interest for America as a cover for their nefarious objectives. Commentator Dan Bongino astutely noted that Democrats envisioned "the relief package as a liberal wish list of stocking stuffers inserted into the bill." In short, Pelosi and Schumer see the package as an opportunity to load the bill with pork.

The American people need to become angry and remove from office all politicians using the bill for extortive purposes. Instead, people are buying the rope and tying the noose that will be used to hang innocent members of their family. When did Americans become so blind and gullible?

It doesn't take an Einstein to realize the numbers do not add up. More people are killed and wounded in Detroit, Indianapolis, Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, Connecticut, Washington, D.C., Atlanta, Philadelphia, Memphis, Miami, Dallas, New Orleans, Baltimore and New Jersey every day than will contract COVID-19 nationally all week. Bars aren't being shut down because of that.

The greatest threat to America right now is not COVID-19; it's evil politicians willing to destroy America to profit their agenda. That said, I remain convinced that there's more to this than we know at the moment, because the numbers just don't add up.


Democrats wouldn't buy a clue if it was government subsidized.

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