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Not because I agree with dad, but...
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Posted by: robertb

03/21/2020, 03:20:00

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I second the prediction a lot of things will change, including our coupling with China.
Trump is already pushing more towards a 'buy American' default. That will help.
Add to that, if the general populace looks, and they are looking, at the bad data coming out of China, even they are going to understand that depending on them is a bad thing.
Around the globe, countries are going to look at being more self-reliant as global supplies are hoarded by the manufacturing country. People do not forget such slights.

That combined with Trumps pushes will have a long term effect.

As a side note, I also think that this may be the first nail in the coffin of universities. As people go online more, they will find that for comparatively minimal fees, they can get knowledge online easier and cheaper than going to college. I can tell you, as someone who works for the largest staffing company in the US, college degrees are sinking in value compared to actual abilities. This is going to accelerate that trend. Over priced 4 year degrees vs online knowledge at a fraction of the price and time will take over.

IMO, there will be a widespread change in the country, and indeed the world, as a result of the current situation.

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