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03/20/2020, 12:32:24

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Fox News expert left Trump grinning from ear to ear with this coronavirus prediction | Renewed Right

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The Chinese coronavirus is now the dominant issue in American life.

How the President handles this outbreak will determine the scope of the pain felt by Americans as well as his political future.

And one Fox News expert left Trump grinning from ear to ear with this coronavirus prediction.

Democrats and many political pundits are predicting that the outbreak of the Chinese coronavirus will seal the President’s political doom as the economy slides into recession and the job losses mount.

But Fox News political analyst Britt Hume does not agree.

Hume told Fox News Channel host Martha MacCallum that the devastation from the Chinese coronavirus is not of Trump’s making and the American people will judge the President on his response and what shape the economy emerges in after the outbreak subsides.

“If, on the other hand, we are able to blunt the force of this,” Hume explained to MacCallum, “and we are able to helicopter, drop money out of helicopters, as the saying goes – to get money to people – an economic downturn, and people are able to weather it, and it comes to be felt by the country that this administration, after maybe some halting steps at the beginning, did a good job mobilizing the country and mobilizing the government and seeing us through it, that could be quite good news for the President.”

Hume also praised the more solemn tone the President’s taken at his last two press briefings as evidence Trump was making sure the American people saw steady leadership in a time of crisis.

“Although yesterday I think and again today he seems to have gotten the idea that he wants to figure out exactly what he wants to say and not stray from the script and be as precise as possible with the information that he communicates,” Hume added. “That will help him.”

The Chinese coronavirus is a black swan event.

All the previous conventional wisdom about how President’s fare when they run for re-election during economic slowdowns goes out the window.

Voters, pundits, and politicians are flying blind right now as the response to the virus takes over every aspect of American life.

And how the President handles this crisis will likely determine his fate.

Renewed Right will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


Democrats wouldn't buy a clue if it was government subsidized.

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