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Preppers, once mocked, say they were ready for coronavirus crisis -- FoxNews
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Posted by: Russ Walden

03/19/2020, 10:59:45

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Preppers, once mocked, say they were ready for coronavirus crisis

I'm not what one would call a "hard core prepper," just an old farm boy who has been around long enough to see the feces hit the fan a few times.

Soon after we came to Georgia, my Wife and I spent three days up on our little hill with no power, couldn't leave and nobody could come there. We just turned it into an adventure. Her pantry was well stocked, she had insisted on a gas stove top when we remodeled, we had wood for the fireplace, a generator to power the VCR and a natural inclination to snuggle up and mutually share our body warmth. That was enough to survive the ice storm that paralyzed Atlanta in 1986.

We have not bought toilet paper during this current crisis -- nor even tried. I already had an ample backup supply. We have bought groceries, more as convenience than necessity, because I also have ample backup stock. It really doesn't take much to be ready for stuff like this -- just forethought, storage space and a surprisingly modest amount of cash.

At some future time, the feces will hit the fan again, but you don't have to be in its path.

Take care,

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