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Well, that's too bad. As for me, there are some things more assuredly dangerous than CoronaVirus. :-)
Re: 'Wish I could, but a) I'm of the most at-risk age for CONVID-19 fatalities, and b) since I am that age, I could't do much even if I did offer her a bed. More's the pity. <wink> -- TEEBONE Post Reply Top of thread Forum

Posted by: Russ Walden

03/17/2020, 14:21:39

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Reminds me of a funny exchange I once had with Ladyfriend.

We were driving on the road that has a proliferation of massage parlors, which are primarily operated by Koreans.

Without apparent provocation, she said:
"Korea girl not good for your healthy."

Being an analytical type, I searched my memory for any news of health problems with Koreans. I came up empty, so asked:
"Why is that?"

She replied, "Because I kill you."

Oh! (I say that a lot.) Now I understand.


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