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Posted by: TEEBONE ®

03/17/2020, 11:40:38

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Back in the '90s, while working as a captain and site supervisor at the (now-defunct) Value Rent-A-Car, the post was visited by a state inspector from Bureau of Regulation Enforcement (Mike Schulgen). He inspected my ammunition (Federal +P Nyclad hollow point) declared that it violated agency regulations, and wrote me up.

The violation, if sustained, carried a $2000 fine.

Two THOUSAND fucking dollars.

I refuted his allegations, prima facia. The ammunition I was using was recommended by my firearms instructor (the late Raoul Cantero, may God rest his beautiful soul), who made his living training FS Ch 493 security officers (among other trainees). I produced the official Security Officer Handbook and thumbed to the relevant page, which reads:

d. Firearms and Ammunition -- Licensed agencies shall allow licensed employees to use only standard (factory) ammunition of a type and load which is appropriate for the location and duty requirements of armed employees, except use of the following type ammunition is prohibited:

1. Glaser-type or any other pre-fragmented-type bullets
2. Exploding bullets
3. Full metal jacket (fmj)/full metal case (fmc) bullets 
    except in semiautomatic firearms
4. Teflon-coated (ktw-type) or any other type of armor-piercing bullets
5. Full wadcutter bullets (except on firing range)
6. Reloads (except on firing range)

I thus refuted his charge, TO HIS FACE, using the state-issued criteria. My ammunition met none of those prohibitions.

No matter. The idiot actually said, "They're coated, therefore they are armor-piercing. They're hollow points, therefore they are exploding ammunition. And, they are non-standard ammunition."

The facts: They are soft-core lead coated with nylon, not teflon, to hold the projectile together through the barrel and until impact. Hollow point ammunition expands, it doesn't explode. Both of those characteristics are design features to prevent over-penetration and transfer the maximum amount of energy into the target, IOW they are designed to optimize the desired result of stopping the threat without endangering others. And, they are factory standard, available in abundance everywhere.

He handed me one of his cards and said, "You can challenge it."

Two large!? 

My boss repeated, almost verbatim, what Schulgen had said, to wit, armor piercing, exploding, non-standard, to which I replied (emphasis actual), "BULLSHIT, BULLSHIT, BULLSHIT!" He wanted me to just pay the fine and shut up. I said, "With all due respect, no way. This asshole is railroading me." He said, "Well, if you lose YOU'RE PAYING IT, I'm not."

You know me. No way was I going to roll over for that. I consulted Raoul and told him what happened, and he just shook his head. He was not surprised, having dealt with this mindset before. I asked him what I could do about it. He advised that if I challenged the allegations, I would have to plead my case before a panel composed of three agents just like this guy but from an adjacent jurisdiction, with the predictable result that they wouldn't go against one of their own. He recommended that I contact the bureau chief in Tallahassee (Art Varnadore), and gave me the name and number.

So I did. The chief was flabbergasted and said, "Well, he's WRONG." I said, "I know that, chief, but he won't back off." He told me he'd be in Miami the next Wednesday, and he'd take care of it at that time.

I was in the boss's office that Wednesday when Schulgen called to run up the white flag, and I did my best not to gloat. I just looked the boss dead in the eye, said nothing, turned and left.

*sigh* Just so.

It doesn't always go that way. Most if not all guards would have just paid the fine and shut up.

I suspect that you are one who would say "Yerass!" just like I did, and take him to the mat.

Yeah. Again, just so.



Democrats wouldn't buy a clue if it was government subsidized.

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